If you’ve ever browsed through CCTV surveillance camera brochures with their dozens of options, product shots, specifications and varying prices, you may have been tempted to slap it shut and leave upgrading your security system for another day.

The vast array of CCTV surveillance cameras and recorders on the market can be daunting, making it difficult to decide which system would be best suited to your home or business environment.

We’ve unpacked some of the basics of CCTV surveillance cameras to shed light on ten factors to consider before investing in a security camera system.

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Think before buying a suitable laptop... 0
Think before buying a suitable laptop...

Laptops are something that have become a necessity nowadays. They are no longer a matter of luxury and the perception that only elite class of the society can own it. Almost every section of the society owns it depending on the budget and configuration, whether it is working class or homemakers or students.

Laptops are compact enough to carry everywhere but still versatile enough to run all demanding applications. It's the best and important tool for doing office work, studies, leisure activities or any type of play related activities.

Although standalone tablets and smartphones are popular and capable enough of doing a majority of tasks but still most of the people realise that everything, right from research to playing games, laptops are much more convenient and faster to work upon. So, when they are so very crucial it is equally important to consider a few factors on specifications before buying the same.

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Guidelines on buying a new printer…. 0
Guidelines on buying a new printer….

When you plan to buy a new printer, it can be a daunting task to decide which is the best one to suit your requirement. There are numerous types of printers available in the market that it really becomes frustrating to select the correct one. They come in so many shapes and sizes and also varied specifications. So, it's very important for the end user to decide on the facts of one's needs and then buy the appropriate model rather than getting mislead. Here, we discuss a few tips and guidelines which may help you in deciding the correct model for your needs.

Firstly, you have to determine the operating system of your computer and does the manufacturer of the printer supports the same. Then, comes the usage factor. If  you are looking for a printer for home purpose, then go for a model which is versatile and affordable too. Maybe a normal small office/ home colour inkjet. Don't look for too advanced features. The basic needs should be tackled like occasional snapshots, report and document printing, colored Photo prints with good resolutions,etc. These features come in quite affordable budgets.

You would also need to figure out the volume of the use. If you need to print out documents like letters, copies of webpages, spreadsheets occasionally   then a low featured inkjet or laser printer would be a good choice. If your requirement needs high quality presentations and photographs then prefer buying a photo printer. If your requirement demands lots of printing on a daily basis and don't need color, you may want to look at the faster laser printers. 

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One stop shop for your tech needs 0
One stop shop for your tech needs

Changing times and changing scenarios lead to changes in demands and necessities of people. Gone are those days when computers and laptops were only for luxury class of the society and was more for opulence. But with changing world technology it has become a necessity now. Today even a layman possess it and can afford it. Its use has also been incorporated in many schools and children now do their studies on laptops. Today, consumers are always on the move and need devices and peripherals that are portable and
mobile. Technology advancements are redefining and simplifying the lives of people towards digitalisation. Innovative and intelligent devices have changed the whole world. Its like if one of these gadgets break down it is similar to losing the use of the arms or legs and this is how it affects us. 

Since there is such need of electronic gadgets everywhere the demand of accessories is definitely going to increase. There is naturally a high probability of these gadgets undergoing breakdown or the spare parts need to be upgraded at regular intervals depending upon the need. Service and repair sector has definitely grown a lot in recent times.

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